Getting ready for our trip to Spain and Morocco – May 3

Leaving Ajijic is always difficult, because we love it here so much. However, May is the hottest month, which is still better than most places in the world. Even at its worst, it is only in the low 90’s, low humidity, but sunny every day. When the rainy season starts in mid-June, it cools down and rains at night, so the days are glorious.

Many full-timers here go away in May, to avoid both the heat and the noise of the cohetes (rockets) that are set off for several Mexican holidays in May. We live a little outside of the village of Ajijic, so we don’t hear them as much. I have lived in El Centro for most of my almost 13 years and believe me, the noise is something you don’t acclimate to easily.

Jim has lived in Ajijic for less than a year and loves it even more than I do. This trip is a wonderful opportunity for us to share an adventure. Off to Miami first, then on to Madrid later in the day, arriving the next day. Once we arrive, we immediately go to Casablanca to begin our Moroccan portion of the trip, but we will be returning on May 15 for five days to really enjoy the sights, sounds and people of Madrid. You will be able to follow us on this trip as I catalog the amazing places we hope to visit.

Although we are two weeks away from leaving, today we went through all the travel bottles of shampoo and body lotion and hair products. Oy vey! Time to simplify and throw away the half-filled ones we won’t use. We tried the blow up neck pillows and noticed that I have a multitude of shoe bags and packing envelopes. Good thing! I love using those things, because you just put tops in one envelope, bottoms in another, and when you arrive, you take them out and stick them into a drawer or the closet. Easy, peasy!

Checking on meds, like pills for diarrhea or maybe a head cold, make travel easier than trying to find them while away. And, deciding what extras to take, like a dual voltage hair dryer, may be unnecessary. Still, it is better than chancing that there won’t be one available, especially in Morocco. Of course, I will need my magnifying mirror, that’s for sure! You can bet that none of the hotels will have one. I even checked Pinterest for all the light packing blogs. Wearing the same things over and over is no problem. However, I still don’t see the reasoning for packing only what will fit into a carry-on bag! Check that puppy!!!

Starting my blog earlier than the actual trip itself may be helpful for some of you contemplating a big trip soon. The planning and organizing are the most difficult, but essential prior to leaving on your spectacular vacation. Maybe it will be helpful for you, as well.

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