Checking out Seville – May 21, 2017

Good news… we had a fabulous breakfast in the hotel, included with the trip. The offerings were so varied and great quality, for a change. As many know, I am a tea drinker and there were so many choices, both tea bags and loose tea infusions, so I was in tea heaven. The breads, pastries, fruit, eggs, Spanish frittata and probably five kinds of ham. There were six different kinds of salts and five kinds of pepper to grind. This is something I have never seen, even in the US.

After breakfast, we went to the old part of the city. So far, all we have seen is contemporary construction. The walled Santa Cruz area was the Jewish Quarter, populated since 100 AD. They lived there until they were expelled in 1492. The streets were a labyrinth, as is typical in so many of the old neighborhoods. There was a power outage, keeping us from exploring some of the buildings.

We walked to the Royal Palace, started in the 12th century, although there are remnants of Roman viaducts from centuries before. The Christian king, Peter I, was enamored with the Sultan of Granada, which is why the decor of the first floor of the Palace has so much Arab influence. Upstairs, the motif is totally different, but it was added in the 16th century. You can tell by the lack of mosaics, tapestries and bright colors.

The gardens are quite lovely, with many different trees, a maze of hedges and a number of ornamental plants. It is a good place to relax. From there, we went to the River area, where we boarded a river boat for a leisurely float. The scenery was pleasant, but unremarkable. Time for a nap.

When we returned back to the hotel, we noticed that some of my hives have a reddish ring around them. Could it be ringworm? Thank you Google and WebMD, but we still aren’t totally sure. Luckily, we happened to have just the ointment for a fungus with us. Hopefully, we will see some change soon.

Okay, now the good news… We went to a Flamenco performance this evening that was fantastic. The dancers were very accomplished and we found out that the main male dancer, Emilio Ramirez, is famous throughout Spain and beyond as the best Flamenco dancer in the world. How fortunate to be able to see him, and the entire company. Not sure if the pictures tell all, as the lighting wasn’t very bright, except for those in the spotlights. Trust me, however.

Back to the hotel for dinner. Europeans eat quite late, which we don’t like much. The meal was not to our liking, so it was a good thing we had a hearty lunch. Looking forward to another good breakfast, though, as we leave at 8:45 for Cordoba in the morning.

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