Kathmandu to JFK

It will be a very long day for our return flights. The 2-1/2 hours from Kathmandu to Delhi was nothing, very smooth. The seven hour layover in Delhi was not fun, but nothing compares to 15 hours in cattle car on the flight from Delhi to New York. If there was a way to upgrade, we would have done so, but fortunately, there were entertainment screens on the backs of the seats and we could watch movies and TV shows to our heart’s content.

That made the time fly, and if you fell asleep (hopefully), you could either go back to the parts you missed or just put your hands into prayer mode and thank the gods for providing sleep-inducing films.

Of course, meals were included, and a little strange, too. The omelette was okay, but chicken or veggie dishes were entirely too spicy for me to eat, particular while sitting for many hours in the window seat! There were many babies on board, and I guess no one told them that you can’t put disposable diapers into the toilets, so two of the bathrooms became unusable because the toilets were stuffed. Always, an adventure.

We finally landed 15 hours earlier than we took off, so it was Groundhog Day, reliving the same day over again. Our good friends picked us up at JFK and we drove to NJ for an overnight and to get a day to recover. The next day, October 31, we left from Newark and made it to Guadalajara in the evening. We took an Uber, which was great, and when we arrived, our house sitters opened the door to our house and the dogs went nuts greeting us! They wouldn’t leave our side the rest of the evening.

We were fortunate to find such good house sitters. They loved the dogs and the house was perfect. And, they love Ajijic, so we would recommend them highly – and they sit for no charge, as an opportunity to see the world and get their “pet fix” at the same time.

A day to do laundry and recoup and we are now getting ready for the arrival of my children and grand children this weekend for a week of fun in the sun and a celebration of our many November birthdays (mine being the most momentous).

I hope you enjoyed reading about our travels. I will attempt to fix the sideways pictures from the earlier posts. It is so much easier on a laptop than on an iPad mini! One more post to go, with our overall impression of the trip, the tour company and our guide. Thank you all for your patience!

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