Akumal and the Beach

We relaxed this morning, had a little breakfast and decided it was time to find the beach. We left the TAO Residences, the location of the condo in Bahia Principe and headed to the TAO Beach across the highway. Along the water were lovely private homes, a development of apartments/condos that looked like rentals and then access to the beach and pool.

We walked through the restaurant that would actually take money and was not a part of the all-inclusive community. We strolled along the beach only to find a rocky, seaweed filled shore with waves that would scare even the most seasoned surfer. Off we went to find another beach, but kept the restaurant in mind for an early supper.

The town of Akumal was busy with many Mexicans enjoying the end of the Benito Juárez three day holiday weekend. So, off we went, again. This time, we went to the beach side of the Bahia Principe Resort. What a difference! There are several resorts next to each other, all along the private bay, each with beautiful amenities, pools and restaurants.

There were lots of guests, from the US, Canada and México. We were lucky to find someone leaving their pool lounge chairs and she offered them to us. And, it was close to the beach. The waves were still beyond white caps big, but the resort has breakers and a barrier so the swimming area is calm. Other than huge amounts of seaweed, which were captured and taken away by a small backhoe, it was manageable. However, the huge pool was very inviting.

The water aerobics classes were just ending, and the blaring techno music was almost over, so we took a dip and it was wonderful. I must admit that I am much more of a pool girl than a beach girl. After, as I was sitting on the lounge chair, I caught a moving object out of the corner of my eye. Lo and behold, it was a good sized iguana that wandered under my chair to get to the rocks nearby. With the tail, I will bet it was over two and a half feet long! Yikes!

Fortunately, I think it was just as scared of me as I was of it, so it moved on, with a baby iguana following not long after. They definitely freaked out the cute American girls sitting nearby. I sat in the sun for a few minutes and got fried! Normally, I am very diligent about applying sunscreen, but I didn’t think I would get so red so quickly.

Time to have a late lunch/early supper, so we headed back to the restaurant at the TAO beach. Today’s special was paella, which was what we ordered. Forty five minutes later, it came, shrimp heads and all. I must say that it tasted great, but I didn’t enjoy pulling off the heads and peeling the shrimp. We couldn’t even finish it, allowing us to have a little “para llevar” for tomorrow.


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