Day 3 in Akumal

Last night, as we were going to bed, we found an infestation of tiny ants on the bedroom floor, on the living room floor and on the wall in the bedroom. It was a horrific find. You can imagine how much we wanted to deal with this as we were ready to collapse! Jim got the broom and dust pan and proceeded to sweep them up (like herding cats) and toss them outside. I got a mop and floor cleaner and washed the floors and walls. Finally, they seemed to be gone.

The strange thing is that there was no food in either room, and definitely no food on the walls. What?? I immediately wrote our AirBnB host to let him know. Of course, this has never happened before. Lucky us! By the morning, they were gone, hopefully never to return.

So, come the morning, we were lazy and ate a leisurely breakfast in the condo. We were visited by the Concierge (a fancy name for property manager). Ricardo was very helpful and not only said he would take care of any issues, but also gave us some ideas of places to go for the rest of the day.

Off we went, to the Yal-Ku Lagoon to go snorkeling and play some more bridge. The lagoon was nearby and quite a surprise, as we found out. Several  groups were there when we arrived. I believe they were at the lagoon on a snorkeling adventure with one of the many companies who hawk their services as you come into Akumal. We rented equipment, the fins and masks and then rented a palapa for the day right on the edge of the water. It was well worth the $395 pesos ($20 US).

Walking from the entrance to the palapa, there were beautiful sculptures along the walkway. It was a serene reminder that we would be under the water soon, enjoying the fish we were about to see. This was my first snorkeling experience. Can you believe that? Seventy years old and never snorkeled. Other than navigating the fins and breathing tube, which took no time at all, I took to it easily.

While the ocean was very rough, due to the wind that is prevalent this time of the year, the lagoon was calm and we were fortunate to see schools of fish. Other than the Sargeant Major fish, which Jim identified by their beautiful blue and yellow stripes, we couldn’t identify the other fish we saw. There were grey striped ones, grey dotted ones and  ones with iridescent blue, yellow and orange bodies. The quiet under the water was amazing. I am officially hooked!

Returning to the palapa, we found a visitor. A small grey iguana was hanging around, no doubt looking for a bug lunch. It was disappointed, no bugs. We also were ready for lunch, without bugs, thank you. Just down the street was a charming restaurant where we had really tasty tacos and quesadillas and a couple of ice cold beers and lemonade. Couldn’t be better.

These pictures are not exactly what we saw, but close. I “borrowed” them from a nearby sign…


After lunch, we broke out the cards and played bridge until closing time. Off to the grocery store for some wine, cheese and chips (remember that we are on vacation) and a quiet evening of more bridge. What a wonderful day!



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