Only a week to go – Africa Here we Come

So much planning and much excitement… Hard to believe that the time is almost here for us to embark on our African adventure. What we are not excited about is the long journey to go from Guadalajara to Namibia. I think the calculation is about 37 hours, including layovers… A small price to pay – right?

We can only take 44 lb of luggage in soft-sided bags, because the plane to and from Victoria Falls is pretty small. I am not a fan of small planes, which was why I didn’t go on the Mt. Everest adventure in Nepal. Just a chicken, I guess. As long as the flight is smooth, I should be okay.

We have wonderful house sitters here to watch Dino and Pancho. They have already met and seem very comfortable with them. These are two former Canadians who started house sitting full time about two years ago, when they got married. They travel with one bag and a carry on and it holds ALL of their worldly goods, as they go around the world sitting for houses and pets. I am not sure that we could do it, even if we didn’t have pets. Divesting of everything and living in other people’s homes sounds great, but it isn’t for everyone.  I think I could handle it, but Jim is very skeptical.

And, not being able to buy treasures from your visits would be difficult, at least for me. I look at the souvenirs from the various places I have gone, and they bring back such wonderful memories. Photos just aren’t the same.

We have our compression socks, our various blow up pillows, a filled iPad and Kindle, comfortable clothes and shoes and will be ready to go soon. The itinerary includes Namibia, then Botswana and Zimbabwe. Namibia is full of amazing sand dunes and marine wild life, while Botswana and Zimbabwe (along with Victoria Falls) will be full of safari adventures. I will keep you all informed via pictures and descriptions, so you can travel with us vicariously.

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