Today’s the Day…

Currently, we are in the airport in Mexico City, awaiting our overnight flight to JFK. Backing up a bit, I finished last minute laundry yesterday, laid everything out to pack and was done by yesterday afternoon. I am only taking a carryon bag, plus a small duffel that fits under the seat, 22# for the carryon and 7# for the duffel. I would never have believed that I could travel so light. It is possible!

Our house sitters came by for lunch today, to get settled prior to our departure. They are Canadians and house sit all over the world. This has been their job and joy for the past two years. Their one suitcase each holds ALL their worldly possessions. They get to visit  exotic and some not so exotic places, love other people’s pets and make friends everywhere they go. It is quite a life. After us, they go to Equator and are booked up through 2019! Dino and Pancho became attached immediately. We feel very comfortable that we are leaving our home and puppies in good hands.

In the meantime, Jim put his clothes together for the trip this afternoon. Lo and behold, he was ready by the time the driver came to whisk us to the airport in Guadalajara. Men are amazing!

Our flight left an hour late, to our consternation, but it was only a little more than an hour flight. For those who have never experienced the airport in México City, it is a sprawling bit of architecture. Since we arrived at the domestic end of the terminal and retrieved our bags, we worked our way to international departures, about a kilometer away (or seemed like it). A quick check in to drop off Jim’s bag, and we are now almost ready to board for the 5-1/2 hour flight. It is now almost midnight and our 12:25am flight arrives at 6:15am. Maybe we will get a little sleep. Here’s hoping…

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