Final Day at the Okavango Delta

The pictures are terribly out of order, because my iPad and this blog site have minds of their own! In any case…

Today is our last full day here in the Okavango. The Camp is so very accommodating, offering good meals, unlimited beverages and drinks, a tea/coffee break on morning game drives and a cocktail break on late afternoon drives. We stop under a tree and enjoy a light snack with our drinks, while watching nearby zebras, wildebeests and impalas.

Early in the morning and later in the evening, when the temps are low, you dress in layers and are given a fleece-lined hooded poncho, that keeps you very warm as you whisk through the bush. As the day warms up, you peel off the layers and enjoy the cloudless sky.

We always sat in different seats, so everyone had an opportunity to take pictures. We see more elephants or warthogs and  note that this is an everyday sighting. We didn’t see any cheetahs in the morning, but saw wildebeests and beautiful giraffes. In the evening drive, we finally got our wish to see about five or six wild dogs, a very rare event. KT, our guide, was very excited to find them. We even had a honey badger sighting, one of the meanest animals around, a mom and baby.

A young male elephant decided to show his bravado by coming toward us quickly as we were driving by, with ears flared and trunk up, trumpeting loudly.  KT said that he was misbehaving according to how herds usually work. You truly have to be afraid when the ears are back and the trunk is tucked under. KT hit the gas and we flew threw the bush.

Awaiting us at the Camp in the evening was a big, warming firepit and a lovely candle-lit dinner. As we were eating, A huge male bull elephant just outside of the reception area was a frightening sight. The staff was trying to chase him away, but he was very stubborn and wouldn’t leave. Although several elephants are common visitors to eat the marula fruit from the many trees in the camp, this one is a bit more aggressive. As I went toward the door to take a picture, he looked directly at me and got agitated, trying to come through the door. Yikes! No wonder we must escorted to our rooms to avoid any encounters.

It was a great day of game drives. We are sad to be leaving tomorrow, but we have had such a great time. In the morning, we have a boat trip on the Delta to see birds and maybe more. It will be sad to end the trip, but also time to go home!

Our room at the camp
Welcoming party at camp
The tub!
Airplane to the Delta
View from the plane
Our tented lodging

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