Getting Ready for Vietnam and Cambodia

Only a few days more and we are on another adventure in Asia. Vietnam has always been on our bucket list, especially since so many friends have said that it was one of their favorite destinations. Most have included Cambodia and Laos but we are only going to Cambodia as part of this tour.

We have a grueling trip there, many, many hours and layovers. From Guadalajara, Mexico, we go to LAX, where we wait for hours until we board our very long flight to Shanghai, with another long layover, then on to Saigon. Yikes! It is even worse returning to Mexico. Hopefully, a warm blanket, a neck pillow, a movie or two and some sleeping pills will help the journey… not to mention an empty seat or two next to ours.

We are again using Smartours as our tour company. So far, we have been very pleased with the tours, service, guides, hotels and trip in general. We used them to see India/Nepal and our Africa trip almost a year ago. In the fall, we will again be using them in Portugal.

The weather will be warm, probably muggy, maybe a little rain, especially in the north, near Hanoi. At least we don’t have to pack for different climates, which is always a pain. We have lovely house sitters who will be watching the house and our beloved dog, Dino. He has loved every one of our house sitters and they have adored him. We will miss him, but know that he will be in good hands. More to follow…

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