Hoi An, Day 6

This morning, we had a 9:30 AM call, but decided to return to the tailor shop before 9:00 with a couple of friends to have more items made. Bruno decided to have two shirts made and Stephanie two nightgowns. I had a picture of a linen blouse I liked and showed it to them. No problem! I picked some very soft linen and was hoping that it would come out okay. Jim decided to have pants made that would be lightweight for golf. Voila, they would all be done in the late afternoon.

We went back at 4:00 PM for the final fitting. The shirts needed a little tweaking, my blouses were perfect, as were Jim’s pants, but the fabric for the nightgowns were out of stock. Another fabric was selected and they returned in a couple of hours for the final clothes. We were all pretty happy.

We met our group at the hotel after our tailor visit in the morning for a walk about through the market in Hoi An. It is a crazy place, with fruits, veggies, fish, spices and more. It actually was very reminiscent of our weekly markets in Mexico. We walked across the oldest wooden covered bridge in Hoi An and saw the river in the daytime. It definitely wasn’t nearly as impressive as it was during the night.

It was now lunch time and we went to a charming, breezy restaurant, sitting on the patio overlooking the river. We had another multi-course meal that was quite delicious, with foods we hadn’t had before, like pork in money purses (actually rice paper tied into a little bag filled with meat). It was a lot of fun.

The afternoon was perfect for a little time in the pool. We met three Australian ladies who were leaving the next day and they mentioned a restaurant we had to try for dinner. The Secret Garden was indeed a hidden treasure, and probably a secret no more. We headed there for dinner along with our new friends, Judy and Jim, Stephanie and Bruno. Now, this was an amazing find. The menu was not typical, very different from anything we have had. Just ordering appetizers, we were totally satiated.

The day was perfect and we were ready to crash. Jim started getting a cough and two others were feeling a bit achy, so hopefully whatever Jim is experiencing will be shortlived. Tomorrow is another fun day…

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