Free Day in Siem Reap, Day 12

After visiting so many places and sights, we truly welcomed having a day to just relax, do some last minute shopping or take a swim before heading to the airport for the final part of this journey, the trip home.

Bruno, Stephanie, Judy and I took a tuktuk to town to seek the treasures we missed before. We immediately found lots of amazing shops with clothing, jewelry, decorative items and so much more at truly bargain prices. Jim didn’t join us, although we tried to call him to come and meet us. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach him.

In town, we immediately found lots of fun items, mainly as gifts. Everywhere you turned, there was something fun to buy. After our exhausting search (not really exhausting…) we sat at an outdoor table at the the Beatnik Speakeasy pub, had beers for $.75 US each, authentic nachos, cheeseburgers and wedge fries and the specialty of Siem Reap, ice cream rolls. You pick the flavor and they chop the ice cream with the additions you request, then roll them up and put six of the into a cup. It was the perfect dessert for four people to share.

Once we did our damage in buying, we returned to the hotel to pack and put our suitcases outside of our rooms for pickup at 3:00 PM. This left three and a half hours before going to dinner to take a leisurely swim in the huge pool. Without the pool, we would have suffered the heat and humidity outside and we certainly didn’t want to be inside, even with air conditioning.

We changed out of our bathing suits and went out to another fine restaurant for dinner. Joe, in our group, had a birthday today. We celebrated with a great cake and a sparkler candle. By 8:30 PM, we were on our way to the airport for our 11:15 PM flight to Shanghai.

However, the flight was delayed for some undetermined reason and was not leaving until 4:00 AM. We were lucky to find a fairly comfortable place to try and get some sleep, while many just camped out on the floor or wherever they could find a space. With a couple of hundred passengers who will board this plane (mainly Chinese) and nothing open for food or drink during the night, we were quite a grumpy group.

We had a long layover in Shanghai, so there was no worry about missing our connection to LA, at least for us. Some of the folks were taking an earlier plane to NY and this delay could cause a problem, but we certainly hope not.

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