Another Day in Morelia

Typical Morelia Street

We decided to go to the Morelia Zoo today. Not knowing what to expect, it turned out to be an excellent zoo. We saw as many African animals as we saw while in Africa! Plus, we saw a white tiger, which is quite rare.

The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with beautiful buildings around their central Plaza. The Basilica on the Plaza is ornate and elegant. There must have been dozens of churches in the area, although we concentrated on the main one.

Everywhere, there were mini-buses taking the locals to different areas, rather than large buses. They hopped on and off easily. We thought it was quite impressive. This will be our last day here, then we are off to Patzcuaro, about 45 minutes away

Morelia Basilica at Night
Inside of Basilica
Basilica Organ
Basilica Door
Basilica Dome
Manicured Plaza in the heart of Morelia Michoacan