Day 11 – Albufeira

We made breakfast in our apartment with the items we bought at the grocery store. The coffee maker uses pods, which we bought. However, since we are novices to this type of coffee maker, we didn’t know that we bought the wrong size pods. Yikes! The property manager came through once again with a few pods.

This morning, we decided to go to the marina and check it out. We booked a boat trip to see the famous Algarve caves, grottos, and maybe see some dolphins. There were many restaurants at the marina, perfect to get lunch before going out. Above the restaurants are condos that are brightly painted and offer the residents a lovely view of the marina and ocean.

There is a plastic life-sized dolphin filled with plastic trash. Obviously, this is a reminder of what the ocean and other waterways are dealing with. It is so sad.

Dolphins in the distance

This boat is a pontoon boat that holds 12 passengers, plus the guide and captain. It goes super fast to catch up with dolphins if there are any. The guide said that a pod (or more) of bottle-nosed dolphins were spotted and several other boats were scurrying over to see them. There they were! Wow! Even the guide said that he hadn’t seen this many in a long while. Every once in a while, one would jump high in the air, like at a dolphin show. it was impossible to capture them in a still shot, although I have lots of videos I took. They even jumped out of the water but not in my pictures.

After half an hour of following them, we turned toward the coast to check out the caves. We zoomed from the dolphins to the coast at breakneck speed. Many of the caves are quite famous and there were many boats viewing them. 

We went in and out of many caves. They were pretty spectacular. Inside some of them, there are beaches, only accessible via kayak or swimming, which we wouldn’t recommend. You have to fight for your space in between the boats and that could be treacherous! Still, you can see that they were pretty popular.

We ended up at Simply Ramos, a restaurant located on one of the busiest streets in Albufeira. There were many dance clubs with DJ’s, the loudest music you can imagine, 20-somethings trolling to meet other 20-somethings, gay bars mixed with souvenir shops, and restaurants for every taste (even Mexican). Jim has been keen on eating the bacalhau (codfish), grilled or sauteed but keeps finding presentations that don’t interest him (served with an omelet?) So, he ordered ribs and I ordered a chicken breast. No reason to take a photo, since neither dish was very memorable, although tasty.

Tomorrow, more exploring in Albufeira…

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