Day 13 – Carvoeiro

After packing up from the penthouse, we drove to Carvoeiro, less than a half an hour away from Albufeira. It is a good thing we have GPS on our phones or else we wouldn’t have found our way around. However, we can only get it with WiFi but If you don’t already know, once you get the map and directions, it stays on your phone, even without WiFi. And believe me, we would still be driving around trying to find our new place without it! If you lose it on your phone, you are stuck until you get WiFi again.

Casa Sereno is owned by a Dutch couple who have four apartments, plus a casita that they rent. The room is not huge yet has all the amenities you need, including a fridge, hot water pot, Nespresso coffee maker, covered porch and a pool and grounds that look like an Italian villa. No TV, which is just fine. The pool looked wonderful but at a temperature of 18C, that water will never touch our bodies!

The drive to Casa Sereno is narrow, windy and looks just like Italy or France,  unlike the eastern side of the Algarve. The roads are lined with cedar trees and that form a boundary between properties. And, the roundabouts, a staple of Portugal, eliminate the need for stoplights or turns. You just have to count the exits from the roundabouts to know where to go.

Carvoeiro centro is fairly small. Even with our minuscule car, parking was near impossible. It seems to be very difficult everywhere we have been in the Algarve. Once we found a place up the hill from the ocean, we just walked down and took a stroll on the beach. Although smaller than the one in Albufeira, there were more people enjoying another beautiful sunny day at the beach.

We found an interesting place to have an early dinner near the beach. Jim had a seafood pasta dish and I had a pita with turkey, pesto and cheese. We keep getting farther and farther away from typical Portuguese food. There were very few American English-sounding people there (and everywhere, for that matter).

We made it an early night and I worked on this blog. Tomorow, Sagres and more…



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