Day 14 – Sagres, Lagos and Alvor

We drove east to see the towns near Spain when we arrived in the Algarve, so we decided to go west to Sagres. It is located at the very bottom southwest tip of Portugal and a very pivotal location to ward off invaders. The Sagres Promontory is a huge fort with cannons and a lighthouse to guide the sailors around the point while keeping invaders from attacking the country.

The wind was sharp, whipping around us but at least it was a warm wind. As you walk to the edge of the rocks approaching the fort, you wonder if anyone could actually invade this place. We walked all around the point, reading the signs describing how this is a bird and plant sanctuary, with unique species of both inhabiting the rocks. Unfortunately, we saw neither the birds nor most of the unique plants native to this area.

Just to the north of the point, there is a beach below, with waves that are supposed to be a surfer’s paradise. We saw many young folks with their surfboards ready to take the plunge. They have to wear a heavy wetsuit, as the water is not only choppy but quite cold. Today, the waves weren’t too big, so they had to wait and wait for just the right wave.

Time to move on to Lagos, the next largish town east of Sagres. It was a pretty unremarkable place so the stop was pretty quick. We realized that our GPS had disappeared, so we stopped into a little place with WiFi to get online. The waiter was pretty funny. He knew exactly why we stopped in. We ordered a couple of beers and he brought us two mugs. Haha, they were the size of shots! The real mugs came soon after but we got a good laugh.

The next town was Alvor. Friends from Ajijic said they stayed there and loved it, which made it even more enticing to visit. We immediately found it to be charming, inviting and definitely a place to have dinner.

Of course, there were narrow streets and beautiful balconied buildings but there was music in the square, a merry-go-round, many restaurants, and some interesting shops that didn’t sell souvenirs. The beach was small, mainly unused. However, it was late in the day and the water had to be like ice cubes.

After scouting out the zillions of restaurants, we decided to go to one that had a mixed grill of chicken, lamb, black pork and beef to share, plus salad and veggies. Good thing we were hungry! It was very tasty and a good end to the day.


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