Day 7 – On the Sailboat (without pictures)

Our next day onboard was another cloudless, blue sky day. We wore our bathing suits to breakfast and slowly got to know our other travelers. The newlyweds I mentioned earlier were leaving the boat when we were, while a Turkish couple and two single men (not together) were spending a whole week on the boat.

The Turkish man was immense, probably 300 pounds, while his wife was very attractive and fairly slim. They were very nice, although they smoked non-stop and talked about the same. He, particularly, held court all day, every day. Since we couldn’t understand anything he said, we just let it pass. However, you could hear him talking about who knows what and we guessed that it must have been fascinating.

After breakfast, we swam in a quiet cove with several boats nearby but not too close. It was very refreshing. There were no fish to be seen, though. We had toyed with bringing our snorkel equipment but it was not necessary, as it turned out. Afterward, as it has become our custom, we napped, read, and totally relaxed until lunch.

After lunch, we moved to another cove. We marveled at the size and number of boats we saw. Many were sailboats but a large number of them were just motorboats. I say “just” because some were immense, with as many as five decks. One smaller one was a Sirena 58, painted in a dark gray. I looked it up and it starts at nearly $1m euros and no doubt goes up from there depending on the configuration. Our boat is 75′ long and although longer, there was no way to compare the luxury, spaciousness, and amenities.

Another swim in the afternoon, tea at 4:00, and another delicious dinner, this time of chicken and the rest of the usual side dishes. Fruit was dessert, along with coffee or tea. I got a lot of reading done today and plenty of sun. We will sleep well, we hope.

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