Day 8 – Last Full Day on the Boat (without pictures)

The daily schedule is the same. After a cramped night in our cabin, we don our bathing suits for breakfast, which is usually an egg prepared differently each morning, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, baskets of fresh bread, two different kinds of cheese, white and yellow, marmalade, and olives, green and black. Black tea, which they call chai, isn’t like Indian chai that has spices and citrus. It is just a strong black tea. They looked at me very strangely when I asked for milk but now know that I have mine in a different way, the British way. Coffee is always instant,  called Nescafé, which has been around forever (at least since the 1960’s when I first traveled Europe).

This morning, we had sliced oranges, which are in great abundance in Turkey. Yet, we were told that no one has oranges for breakfast here. So strange. Also, in our hotels, if we asked for orange juice for breakfast, it was from a carton, unless we specified fresh. And then, there was an extra charge.
Lunches on board have been vegetarian, consisting of bulgar stuffed green peppers in a tomato sauce, a chopped salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and lettuce in a red wine vinaigrette, more fresh sliced baguette bread,  vegetables in a tomato sauce, and always yogurt. The Turkish version is almost the chunkiness of creamy cottage cheese and less tart than the Greek variety.
Dinners have been fresh and tasty. The accompanying rice looked like Rice-a-Roni, chopped salad, bread, and vegetables rounded out the menu. Last night, we had bulgar instead of rice, which they called Turkish rice. There are hundreds, if not thousands of island coves to enjoy. The water is warm and very inviting. Occasionally, a little powerboat maneuvers around the big boats selling ice cream (Magnum bars are our favorite) or handmade wraps for your bathing suits. They are pricey by Turkish standards, $100 Turkish lira or $12 US but I figure I am helping the local economy! And, they are small and lightweight – a definite must.
Speaking of the sun, we have experienced the most amazing weather. The daytime temperatures have been between 80 and 82F, with the nights in the low to mid 70’s. If you contemplate a visit to Turkey, this is the time of year to come. It is amazing.
We will probably move to a different cove to swim and stay overnight, our last night on board. Believe me, we will not miss the close quarters. Tomorrow, after breakfast, we disembark and are supposed to be met by a guide to take us to Antalya, where we stay overnight. We still have another week of fun in the sun.

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