Pictures in Pamukkale, Hieropolis and on to Fethiye

Pamukkale is the location of the hot spring pools called “heaven on earth.” The healing properties of these calcium carbonate springs were a draw for people seeking a cure for their ailments. The terraces are formed by running warm spring water at a temperature of 35C. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a most unique place to visit.

Here are pictures of people on the terraces, where you can wade into the healing water. There also was a swimming pool, to relax and enjoy the warm water. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take pictures of the pool because the unique aspect of it was that there were ruins in the water! What a shock when you were walking in the water and suddenly there was a part of an ancient column or statue. Hard on the toes, that’s for sure.

Cotton Mountain of Sodium Bicarbonate
Wading in the hot springs






Hierapolis was next, with the biggest Necropolis in Anatolia, 1200 gravestones. It has the typical theater, the agora, and houses.

Hieropolis Theater
Hieropolis Theater with Mountain View






The three-hour ride on our comfortable Mercedes van was easy. The road took us through mountainous areas that could have been Colorado. We both marveled at the similarity.

We arrived in Fethiye, a coastal town on the Mediterranean, where beautiful sailboats, yachts, and shuttles were lined up for the next day’s travel. Because our hotel was right at the port, we could see the daytrippers getting off and the crew restocking for the next day’s visitors.

Our boat for four days, the Esenye
Typical cove for swimming and an overnight
Grocery store ship







Jim enjoying the clear sky and water

Did I mention that there is a ship that trolls the hundreds of coves and is really a grocery store, with fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and the staples anyone might need?

There also were boats that went around selling ice cream, clothes, and other goodies. Love those Magnum Bars after a wonderful swim.


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