Antalya, Perge and Aspendos

We had another three-hour drive to Antalya from Fethiye through the mountains and areas that resemble the area near Taos, with sandy hills dotted with scrub pine. We saw lots of farms but not many animals, like sheep, goats,  or cattle. I guess that this is not the area where they are raised.

Antalya is a coastal town, actually a good size. We only saw apartment buildings, and lots of them. I imagine that there are single family homes somewhere outside of the city, although we didn’t see any. It is very modern, though.

The next day, our first stop was Perge, a very well-known ancient city which came under Roman rule in 133 BC, a little before our time. Their amphitheater held 15,000 people. The columns are of various kinds of marble. They are beautiful on their own. The main street is covered in glass with ruins that have not been excavated. You literally are walking on history.

Entry to Perge
Marble columns
Different marble columns
Ruins in Perge
Ruins under the street
More ruins under the street











From there, we went to Aspendos, built in the 2nd century. Their theater holds 20,000 people and is currently used for concerts, operas, and other events. The banner shows the various cultural events this summer, with chairs still set up for the previous evening’s event.

Aspendos theater events
Aspendos event the night before






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