Madrid – Day 4

Madrid, Day 4 – May 18, 2017

We have heard from many of you and appreciate your positive comments. Keeping track of what we have been enjoying is a great way to remember all the good adventures. When I re-read previous journals, I am amazed at how many events I forgot. And, you are only receiving a fraction of the pictures. Eventually, I will compile all of them into a book about this trip.

After a difficult time last night with nausea and little sleep, we slept in. By the time we got going, I was feeling better. A stop at a Farmacia to get some antacids also helped.

We took a leisurely walk to the Museum Reina Sofia, just past the Prado Museum. It rained last night, but by the time we got out, the sky was clear. It has cooled down a bit, though, expecting around 67 in the PM. This museum is noted for one of Pablo Picasso’s most famous paintings, Guernica, the tormented mural of the devastation caused in 1939 by bombs that hit the Spanish town, killing 1,300 and injuring another 1,000 in just three hours. He worked on the images for a long time, and the drawings of how each image developed is part of the exhibit.

When you read about the symbolism and the power the mural generates, you can understand how Picasso’s legacy continues. His view of women and pain are evident in his work. It was a marvel.

It is now 2:00 and time for lunch. There was a restaurant called Steakburger nearby. By now, we were ready for a yummy burger. You could pick the weight, type of bun, how to prepare it (rare, medium, well) and you have a choice of ground beef or ox meat. The waitress said ox is tastier, so we shared a larger one of ox. It was great! Another new adventure. We walked back and near the plaza near the apartment, we enjoyed sitting outside of a coffee bar to relax and people watch. By now, I was definitely feeling the lack of sleep, so we headed home for a nap!

Eating late is a European tradition. It is 8:00 and we are heading out to dinner. In Ajijic, you are just about done and home by 9:30! We decided to go to the rooftop of El Corte Ingles, the department store. There were many choices, including tapas, seafood, gourmet hot dogs, sushi, pizza, and tacos. We settled on three different kinds of pizza in oblong cuts that we shared. Between the food, drink and the incredible views, we enjoyed an unrushed two and a half hours of conversation.

Home in our apartment and we are feeling good. Tomorrow is our last day in Madrid, so we will find something fun. Our impression of Madrid is totally positive. We love the energy, multicultural atmosphere, beautiful architecture, history and we can actually converse here. Saturday, we leave for our tour of Andalusia, cities in southern Spain. It will provide another level of Spanish life.

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