Caseres and Seville

 Caseres and Seville – May 20, 2017

We left Madrid this morning, sadly. Our time there was most enjoyable. We would recommend a visit there to anyone contemplating Spain as a destination.

Our first stop was a three hour ride to Caseres, a Medieval town southwest of Madrid. On the way, we passed three castles and, depending on the shape of the towers, we knew who built them. Square towers for Arab conquerors and round towers for Spanish. The last one had both, meaning that both had a hand in building the castle.

We climbed the tower to get a better view and peered out the narrow windows, made for attacking the enemy, yet acting as a hindrance for the enemy to hurt anyone inside. At the very top, there was a mirador, or rooftop area, where we could see the city, as well as the countryside. The more modern part, outside of the walled area, is where most of Caseres lives.

We experienced the local Festival de Los Aves, or bird festival, with presentations, face painting and information about birds of all kinds. There was a wedding in the main church and we got a glimpse of how the well-dressed Spaniard looks. Pretty snazzy…

After lunch at a plaza-side restaurant, we are on our way to Seville. The drive is about three hours of beautiful country, with hills, a castle or two and a sunny sky. The bus is comfortable, has Wi-Fi, so the time passes quickly. We stopped at a “truck” stop that was fabulous. The coffee bar has latte, espresso and cappuccino, plus fresh croissants and tapas. The attached store has dozens of kinds of hams, olive oils, pâtés and so much more. Surprisingly, it doesn’t remind you of Howard Johnson’s of days past.

Our hotel is a lovely upscale property not far from the city center. There are lots of trees, what seems to be an excellent public transportation system, and because the city is flat, bike and rollerblade designated routes alongside the roads. And, they are well-used. After a shower, we had dinner provided. It wasn’t great, but by the time you are eating at 9:30 or 10:00 PM, the last thing is a heavy meal. Ready for bed…

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