Miami to Ajijic

In Miami and ready to head home to Ajijic – May 27, 2017

We arrived in Miami after a 9-1/2 flight from Madrid. It was an easy flight, all daylight, so other that short naps, we didn’t sleep much. Getting back into the right time zone will take a few days, as expected. This Miami interlude will help a bit, I think.

The plan was to coordinate our flight from Europe with our flight to Mexico. We didn’t realize that the Mexican airline we used to get to Miami and then back home, doesn’t fly daily. So, we had a day and a half to rest. The other interesting fact was that we didn’t know it was US Memorial Day weekend. Amazing now you disconnect from the American way of life when you have been away for years.

We decided to hit the closest mall for the day to explore the sales. The Dolphin Mall is huge, a mix of regular and outlet stores. We were told that using Uber was the way to go, but I couldn’t get the app to work for me to order one. So, we took a pricey taxi for the fifteen minute ride. Inside, the mall was over-chilled, as is typical for Florida. The warm, humid days in south Florida hit you in the face, so walking into heavy refrigeration really gives you a chill.

Our initial impression was that we were definitely in the US by the number of huge (beyond obese) people, many heavily tattooed. After seeing Europeans who were much thinner for the past month, it is a shock to see so many huge people. And, wearing very skimpy clothing, no matter how large you are, is just a way to show off your curves! Really??

The other thing we noticed was that there were an abundance of luggage stores, selling mainly the polycarbonate clamshell type at really low prices. We saw many people moving around the mall with various sizes of these suitcases, so they must be very popular. I was tempted. Although I have good luggage, when I bought them they only had two wheels, not four. It is so easy to move four wheels down a terminal, rather than dragging your bag. After all, what are older good suitcases worth… not much.

There were some good sales, so we left some dollars at the mall, hoping to be able to fit the new purchases into our bags. Once back in the room, after sharing a salad for dinner near the mall, we packed and everything fits.

We are ready to be home and get back to our normal schedule. Travel is great and we already have a trip planned for next October, India and Nepal, but getting home is equally joyful. Part of the fun of travel is the planning and anticipation. We decided that our tolerance for travel is two to two and a half weeks. We met people traveling for as much as four months, going to many countries. Going from hotel to hotel, on and off buses, trains and planes, hoping to have two or more days together to do some laundry, becomes quite a challenge. So, either we will do shorter trips or maybe a longer trip using one or two places as anchors to return to as a base.

This is my last entry for this trip. It has been fun to document all of our adventures, looking at the pictures to remind us of the places we visited. We look forward to seeing everyone at home, especially our puppies. Thanks for all your comments. Hugs to all… ¬†Helena and Jim

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