Getting Ready to Leave for India and Nepal

Only a few more days and we are on our way to the most exotic trip I have ever taken – to India and Nepal. There is so much to see, but I know that the two weeks will fly by.
Friday, October 13, we leave for New Jersey, where we will stay with very old friends who live not from the Newark Airport, where we arrive. Our flight to New Delhi departs from JFK, so they have kindly offered to take us there on Monday, October 16. The flights to JFK from Guadalajara were god-awful, arriving just after midnight and our flight isn’t until 3:00 PM. So, this side trip will be not only fun, but much easier.
From everyone who has been to India, the reviews have been that it was incredible, a trip of a lifetime, sometimes dirty and there is poverty, but what we will experience will be amazing. I also was told that the shopping is amazing, so I am taking older clothes, with the prospect of leaving the there and buying new things. Yippee!
I would love to travel with only a carry-on, but then you can’t take liquids and it becomes so confining. I just returned from four days in Phoenix, with only a carry-on bag and boy, was it liberating! Too bad I can’t make that work for two weeks.
I will be posting daily, hopefully with pictures of the various places we will be visiting. This blog is not just for friends, but for us, to remind ourselves of the experiences we will be enjoying.
Feel free to write to us with questions or comments. Here is a link to see the cities where we are traveling. You can enlarge it to get a better view of where we will be.

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