Varanasi to Kathmandu

A seller of pots
Beautiful sunrise

After the emotional eremonies last night, we were ready to witness another daily Hindu ritual, bathing in the Ganges. We left before sunrise, with a beautiful sun to welcome us. As we walked from the street to the steps leading down to the river, we saw shops carrying pots of different sizes. These were for water from the river, which is sacred. Whether plastic, copper or brass, everyone gets the water to cleanse their bodies and make offerings to the gods.

The bathers

Our boat was powered by a motor this time, as we boarded to head to the same area as last night, where the majority of bathers were. The men stripped down, while the women went into the water in saris, dunking themselves totally, and some even swimming across the river. There were hundreds just on these steps alone.


After breakfast in the hotel, we got ready to fly to Kathmandu via New Dehli. Ravi takes care of getting our bags checked in with no worries about weight or transfers. It is such a pleasure to be pampered like this. He works very hard and after 21 years of being a guide, he still loves it.

We finally arrived in Kathmandu, along with other tourist groups and lots of young people (looked like trekkers) there for forty days or longer. You get the Nepal visa right in the airport and off we went, arriving at our hotel around midnight. The other groups had to schlep their bags, but not us! We were exhausted, but excited. Nothing to see at night, but tomorrow…?



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