Kathmandu – Day 2

Jim and the rest of the group left at 6:30 AM for the airport to fly above the clouds for a close up of Mt. Everest. There were at least six planes going up, one after another. The forty five minute flight was thrilling, and the weather cooperated perfectly. If you are wondering why I did not go, I can only say that I am a major weenie about small planes. The pictures are enough for me.

Congrats Jim

Once back, time for breakfast and off we went to visit some remarkable sites. First was a hilltop Buddhist temple, overlooking the Kathmandu valley. The Macaque monkeys were everywhere, so we had to ensure that we didn’t have any food they might steal from you.

Climbing the 60 or so steps took us to a variety of different temple areas. There were chanters, people making offerings, and many tourists, both foreign and domestic.

So many of the buildings suffered some damage from the earthquake. However, there is a huge effort to return them to their original splendor. It is tedious and will continue for a very long time. But, the eventual results will be worth it.

We moved on to another heritage site, with great detail. All the wooden pieces that were in excellent condition have been catalogued and will be ready to return to the buildings when ready. In the amazing museum, we lunched at a garden restaurant where you can even help “pluck” the lettuce for your salad. We didn’t have to, but the ambiance and flavors were excellent.

We then saw a mass of people, a parade, coming down the street. In the middle was a group of men carrying a woman. We found out that in Nepal, when someone turns 77 years, 7 months and 7 days, they are honored by this celebration. It was quite an opportunity.

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