Day 4 in Akumal

Today turned out to be an amazing day. After a lazy morning and breakfast, we decided to check out one of the other beaches recommended by Ricardo, our “Concierge.” It was Xpu-Ha (shpoo-ha). The road to the water wasn’t great and there were camp sites and converted school buses that looked like leftovers from the 60’s. Jim walked to the beach to check it out while I stayed in the car. If it was awful, we wouldn’t pay the $80 peso per person charge to just get in.

Well, to everyone’s shock and delight, the beaqch was fantastic! It wasn’t crowded, the sand was white talcum powder, the large bay was turquoise with gentle waves and there were several restaurants ready to serve the requisite margaritas. There were boats to take you out snorkeling or for a scuba dive, plus kayaks or wave runners to hire. And best of all, for those of you who are familiar with the persistent hawkers selling shell or silver jewelry, temporary tatoos, bathing suit coverups or hair braiding at the Pacific resort beaches, there were almost none all day. It was a pleasure!

For a small fee, we rented two lounge chairs under a palapa, had drinks on the beach and swam in the Caribbean with total enjoyment. What a pleasure. We enjoyed a delicious lunch of fajitas and more drinks, followed by a long walk on the uncrowded beach and several hands of bridge. By the way, I look like a lobster! And, that happened while slathered with 50 SPF sunscreen.

We hated to leave, but a shower and change of clothes later, we were off to Akumal for dinner. There were three restaurants right next to each other, filled with a variety of diners. We opted for fish/seafood and enjoyed freshly caught grouper and red snapper. The music started up during our meal and the female singer, accompanied by three excellent musicians, performed beautifully. A quick stop at the restaurant’s bakery for a blueberry muffin for breakfast and then back to the condo for more bridge.

It was a most satisfying day albeit I think my burned exterior will keep reminding me that even 50 SPF isn’t enough! Tomorrow, we swim with the dolphins in the morning and then a return to Xpu-Ha for another dose of beach life. If we arrive early enough, Jim will hopefully get in a dive. He was looking forward to it, since it has been a few years. The dolphins just have to cooperate.


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