Still not at our destination…

On to the plane, blew up our neck pillows and extra pillows, donned our compression socks and off we went. On these types of flights, your butt gets very sore from all the sitting. Yes, you can walk around and do some stretches, but having some extra cushioning didn’t hurt, which was why I purchased four blow up pillows, one for the seat and then the others to use as an “ottoman” for my feet. It really helps. And, rather than dragging around one of those fuzzy neck pillows, we use an inflatable one. Takes no space in your carry on and does the trick.

Fortunately, the long (and I mean long) flight from JFK to Johannesburg actually went well. We changed our seats to be on an aisle with an empty seat next to us, so we could stretch out a bit. It was a smooth trip and we both slept a bit. Lunch and breakfast was even okay and the many flight attendants were very helpful. Only downside was that my in-flight entertainment system didn’t work. Oh well… I read, played games and listened to podcasts.

Entry into the Joburg airport was also easy. And the shops were amazing. I have included some pictures to give you an idea of the creative crafts available. We got lots of ideas of what to look for and if we don’t see things we want along the way at a better price, we can shop when we are on our way back.

So now, as we sit at yet another gate, waiting for our delayed flight to Walvis Bay, Namibia, we found that the only other people on our tour are two couples from Orange County, CA. So, it looks like we will be having a ball with only six of us. Couldn’t be better.



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