Off to the Dunes…


Our desert vehicle.               We got up early this morning to take the hour drive to the famous red sand dunes. The best known ones are No. 45 (because it is located 45km from the park entrance), Big Daddy and Big Mama. The sand color is due to the amount of iron in the sand. We drove in the same open vehicle we had last night and it was bone-chilling cold the entire way (about 12C, plus the biting wind).

















As we arrived at No. 45, we could see many people walking up the ridge to the

Dune 45

top. It isn’t as tall as Big Daddy, and there were lots of tour groups there, so we continued on to Big Daddy, about 20 km farther. The paved road ended after 10 km and reverted to a washboard sand road, perfect for our vehicle, as long as you don’t stop. There were a few vehicles that did stop and all they could do is watch their tires spin in the sand.

Big Daddy


We had the same guide as last night, John, who took most of the group (except Jim and me) up a nearby dune to get the feel of climbing Big Daddy, without the three

Climbing the nearby dune

hour climb. We opted to take pictures of them from below and were glad that we didn’t make the climb. However, we met them on the other side and got to see an old lakebed and another great view of this awesome dune.

Big Mama

After many photo ops, we crossed the road to a shaded area below Big Mama, for a lovely picnic snack. Coffee, tea, cold cuts, freshly baked breads, two kinds of yogurt and cereal made the al fresco meal just perfect.

Picnic snack



Afterward, we drove back, with John going over 90 km/hr, like a bat out of hell. Remember that this vehicle is totally open, so the wind was whipping our faces and just keeping our hats on our heads was a challenge! Returning at that speed made for a faster trip, but we were wind-burned in the process.

Thinking that we were heading back to the Lodge, we turned off the road to the Sesreim Canyon, just outside of the resort entrance. At over 9 mt deep, it was carved by water into the volcanic material. In the rainy season, it is a flowing river. It was an unexpected sight.


Finally, we got back to our casita, where I deposited mounds of sand from my shoes on the front porch. It was as if I was wearing shoes two sizes too small, with another sock-full of sand between my toes! A quick wash and we had a bite of lunch. So now, while I am catching up with the blog, Jim is taking a bit of a nap. Tomorrow morning, we are meeting at 4:00 am for the five hour drive to Windhoek and a short flight back to Johannesburg. Sounds like an early evening to me…

Sossuvlei Lodge

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