Long Travel Day

Our wake up call was at 3:00am for a 4:00am departure from the Lodge. The wind was whipping the canvas on our front porch, but it wasn’t a cold wind. The bus took off on the four hour drive to Windhoek, Namibia’s capital. We were the only traffic on the very dark road, with stars that shown brightly. Even an oryx crossed the road in front of us!

The bone rattling ride on sand covered washboard roads was pretty bad. I got my neck pillow, which helped me get a little sleep. However, the worst part was that the bus (a Mercedes bus, no less) had NO HEAT. As we got closer to the sunrise, the temperature dropped from 12C to 9C, which even a jacket and socks couldn’t help.

Fortunately, the last hour was on paved roads and the stop for coffee and tea warmed up our hands. The pit stop was in a town called Rehoboth, like in Delaware. Settled in the 1600’s, the German men came to Namibia and eventually found African women to marry. This was quite scandalous, but it explains why one of the  ost prominent languages here is German. You see it on the street signs and is spoken by whites and blacks alike.

We got to the airport around 10:00am for our noon flight to Johannesburg, a little over an hour flight. They still managed to feed us lunch. Ah, civilized travel exists after all. From the Joburg airport, we made it to our hotel, across from Nelson Mandella Square. The attached mall is unbelievable. The shops are very upscale and Jim, as well as Debra and Terry from our group, found an item or two they wanted.

We had dinner at a lovely steak restaurant on the square and were not disappointed. Across the way was another restaurant we avoided called Trumps, even though we are pretty sure there is no connection to a current President! Back in the room for bed and an early breakfast and departure to Victoria Falls in the  morning. Another flight, about two hours long. No pictures, but a good day


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