On to Botswana and Chobe National Park

Cresta Mowana Lodge

We left in the morning to drive to Botswana from Zimbabwe. The border isn’t very far, less than an hour away. We made it through immigration pretty quickly and got to our new digs, Cresta Mowana Lodge, just outside of the park, just in time for lunch. Sitting on the patio alongside the Chobe River, was just beautiful and relaxing.

1,000 year old baobob

Mowana means baobab, and there a number of very old ones on the property. Normally, they are without leaves, because the elephants eat them and the trunks have gouges from the tusks. The branches usually look like the root system you would see below ground. Not these trees. They are leafy and healthy. I guess no elephants have stayed here recently.

Our room

We settled in our rooms and very shortly, went to the river for our sunset cruise to find more animals. Our guide told us about the area, while offering us drinks and snacks. The Chobe and Zambezi Rivers intersect where four countries come together, namely Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia. The Zambezi continues on to Victoria Falls. And, I was incorrect when I said that it starts in Mozambique. Rather, the Zambezi starts in Angola and after the Falls, flows through Mozambique to the Indian Ocean. I know there are those who have already checked my facts!

Triple decker boat

We saw crocodiles, hippos, impalas, a warthog, cape buffaloes, monitor lizards and lots of birds. There were many boats on the river, including three story houseboats. It was a nice way to end the day, seeing another extraordinary sunset.

African crocadile
Monitor lizard

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