Chobe Game Drives

Well, today was an especially extraordinary day. We woke up early to board our Land Cruiser for the short drive to the park. The roads are sand and pretty rough dirt, so we were jostled quite a bit. The morning chill was not too bad because we each had a warm, fuzzy blanket to cover our legs. Believe me, it makes a difference. Jim still wore his new knit beanie. Off to find animals…

Lilac breasted roller

During the morning game drive, we drove for an hour and a half and saw almost nothing. We stopped to see a bird, vulture or guinea hen (the Chobe chicken) for way too long. I know that there are lots of birders out there, but for us, more than a few minutes seeing birds was too much time. Then, suddenly, we saw more


impalas, warthogs and cape buffaloes. What we really wanted to see were elephants, giraffes and especially lions. Maybe in the afternoon game drive.

Elephant by the car

We left at 3:00 for the second drive of the day. Almost immediately, we saw several parades of elephants (yes that is what a herd is called), some almost within an arm’s length of the car. We were thrilled. There were families with lots of babies, too. And then, we saw a tower of giraffes (yes, the name for a group of them ), both young and old. There were no babies, which would have been great. It was getting late, time to leave the park. We were still disappointed that we didn’t see any lions.

Then, as we turned a corner, there were five or six vehicles

Male lion

with people obviously looking at something. Lo and behold, there were two lions, just posing on the ground, as if they knew we were coming. They looked to be about 18 months old, male and female, possibly siblings. We were all so happy that this sighting made the day complete.

We realized that we didn’t have lunch, so dinner was especially welcome. Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to our guide Chico, and travel mate, Karen, neither of whom are continuing on to the Okavango Delta extension of the trip. Tomorrow morning, we all go to the itty bitty airport in nearby Kasane, but Chico and Karen will fly home to Namibia and Detroit respectively, while we go on to our next destination for three more days. It will be a very fond farewell, with plans to keep in touch.

What I neglected to mention is that Karen, Deborah and I went to the golf clubhouse here and got to watch the “wedding” of the year. You heard right… Since we are only one hour ahead of London, we could watch it without waking up in the middle of the night. With gin and tonics and beers, we felt very British!

I actually did that at a previous royal wedding with a big group of ladies, donning pajamas, pearls and fascinators (those silly hats the women wear). Thank you, Anita, but this year, we got to watch and critique in real time! Jim played nine holes of golf, then joined us in the clubhouse. You can imagine what a fan he is of royal weddings. We had a ball…  Amazingly, Harry and Meaghan were here in Botswana less than a week ago and someone said that they may go to Namibia for their honeymoon. And, we just missed them! Maybe next time.

View from dining room
Lodge dining room
More elephants


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