Beginning our trip to Turkey on August 29

Last-minute packing this morning and getting the required health questionnaire on our phones that must be completed less than 12 hours prior to take-off. That would have been a little difficult since we fly out at 12:45 PM.  That left us scrambling to get everything done in the morning.

Jim picked up our housesitters, leaving Lola looking sad and confused. It is amazing how dogs know that changes are afoot when the suitcases come out. She will warm up to them eventually and will hardly miss us, considering all the attention she will get. At least, that is our hope!
The flight to Houston was easy. Our four-hour layover went well. Jim lit up when he saw one of his favorite restaurants at our gate, Pappadeaux. We went in, looked at the menu, and decided that a $60 lunch was not a good decision.
Finally, we boarded our next flight to Frankfurt. The 787 Dreamliner aircraft is enormous if you have never had the opportunity to fly in one. It actually holds fewer passengers than a 747 but supposedly is faster and more economical to operate. The engines alone can hold a very tall person inside with ease. How it gets off the ground is a mystery to me. Fortunately, we were able to get seats with no one else in our row, allowing us to spread out with extra blankets and pillows. We were fed a “sumptuous” dinner in a 3″x5″ cardboard container of either a pre-formed piece of beef or something with pasta, a hard-rock roll, and mango sorbet, after which we crashed.
I think we each got about four hours of sleep, not bad for a ten-and-a-half-hour flight to Frankfurt. Breakfast consisted of a container of yogurt and a cookie. As we departed the plane in Frankfurt, we did notice that Business Class got “down” comforters, nice pillows, and slippers. It all looked good but not $1,500 US more per person good! My guess is that they didn’t have to suffer from the same meals we had!
So, here we are in Frankfurt. We were surprised that there was no immigration checkpoint. We got off of the plane and didn’t have to do a thing! Strange, considering we came from the US, not an EU country.
Well, this airport is nuts. It is very large and very spread out. We probably walked a good mile to get from one gate to our Turkish Airlines flight. Good thing we could walk the distance. I don’t know how people with health issues could have done it. Not a cart anywhere to help those who may have been in need. We went through security once again and they were VERY thorough. I guess we should be thankful for that. It was definitely a good thing we had a three-hour layover because there would have been no way we could have maneuvered through the maze of the Frankfurt Airport.
In any case, only one more leg of the journey. The two-hour flight to Istanbul will go fast and we won’t have gloomy German weather. It is supposed to be 83F in Istanbul, a perfect temp. Even having a short flight, Turkish Airlines gave us a decent lunch, with real silverware. Ah, shades of years gone by…
More to come tomorrow…

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