Day 5 – Fethiye and on to the Sail Boat (without pictures)

Fethiye is a small town in the south on the Mediterranean surrounding a bay where many boats dock. There are some that take folks out for the day and some that are shuttles to nearby Greek islands, like Samos or Rhodes. We arrived at our hotel, the Alesta Yacht Hotel, overlooking many slips with boats abutting each other. How they manage to squeeze more one in is a mystery of excelling piloting we gather.

Our breakfast was served in the roof-top restaurant, where we tried to figure out which boat would be ours. We were totally wrong! We boarded our boat at around 1:30 PM and met the other passengers on board. I will tell you about why we had different people traveling with us in another post.

At 4:00 PM, we left the port for a nearby island with a fairly small cove that was perfect for swimming. There were about a dozen other boats moored there, some staying overnight as we are, some just out for the day. The largest day boat must have had 100 party-hardy passengers. They were raucous and we were glad that they weren’t staying the night.

Jim immediately jumped into the water and was amazed at how clear it was. I decided to wait until tomorrow to venture into the water. I needed to absorb the surroundings and listen to my body, which was still suffering a bit from something I had eaten.
Our cabin has a double bed with three portholes. The attached bathroom was challenging, though. It is very compact, to say the least. Did I mention that the cabin is very tight? There is minimal room to store luggage, toiletries, or even maneuvering to the bathroom. One of us has to almost step outside of the cabin to allow the other in. The bathroom is also the shower, so the wet floor can sometimes be another challenge. I rationalized that it is only for three nights (THREE NIGHTS??) and we will survive the discomforts as we enjoy the clear, blue skies, pleasant company, and warm water.
We received minimal instructions about safety on the boat, which is not typical I thought. It was assumed that everyone knew how to swim and since we weren’t too far from a cove, we would be okay in an emergency. Good thing!
Around 8:00 PM, we were served our first dinner on board. It was beautiful, whole dorado fish, one per person, and very fresh and tasty. There was a chopped salad, fresh green beans in a tomato sauce, peas and potatoes in a white sauce (which turned out to be mayonnaise from a Hellmann’s squeeze bottle), and fresh bread. It was really delicious – even the mayonnaise veggies.
We had the option of sleeping under the stars on the deck but opted to stay in our cabin for this first night. We slept okay until we began sweating from the lack of air flow. Still, going on deck would have been more work than we cared to entertain. We will give it a try tomorrow night – maybe… So far, a good day.

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