A short flight from Antalya and we were in Cappadocia. Before we left, I Googled how to pronounce this area. On Wikipedia, they pronounced it capa-DOK-iya but actually, it is capa-DOSH-iya. At least that is what it is called in Turkey.

As I mentioned before, this famous area is not a town. It is a region and you will not find it on any map. It is an area where a number of towns exist, the largest one being Goreme. We drove to all of the towns to experience the rock-cut churches dating from the second half of the 9th century, the Devrent or Imagination Valley with its quirky animal-shaped rocks, Pidgeon Valley, and of course, the Fairy Chimneys.

Map of towns in Cappadocia

Our first stop was to see a typical Turkish home in one of the caves. It isn’t what you would expect, mainly for the male elders of the household. They sit in one of the many rooms, which are all similar. They smoke, drink tea or coffee, and are waited on by the children and females of the family. Whether this is the way it is currently, we didn’t find out.


Turkish home in the cave
Same home, different room

We had Turkish baths (no cameras allowed there – too wet) in Goreme and visited the underground cities. Our room in Urgup was quite unique. It was a cave room, of course, and had some unusual features…


Cave bathroom
Cave bedroom






The best part was our hot air balloon ride on our second morning.

Balloon heating up at 5:00 AM
Feeling a little hesitant
So many balloons taking off
Sunrise from the balloon
Balloons at sunrise
Flying over cave homes
Crop field designs from the balloon
Balloon basket landing on the truck bed
Sunrise on the fairy chimneys
Champagne toast awaiting us
Toasting our ride
Hot air balloon virgin no more!


The third day, we visited






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