2018 Update So Far

Other than my travel blogs, I haven’t written much about what has been happening since last October.  Not that we have been soooo busy, but there is always something happening.

Last November, I auditioned for a part in our local production of Fiddler on the Roof. The Lakeside Little Theatre, a wonderful resource for 54 years, is Mexico’s oldest English language live theater. They do six productions a year, from September to March, of which one is a musical. In addition, they screen films of stage productions from the London National Theater Company, a coup, since this is the only venue in Mexico.

Well,  not only did I get a part, but I am Golde, Tevya’s wife. I have some wonderful songs to sing (Tradition, Sabbath Prayer, Sunrise Sunset and Do I Love You) and a great cast. Considering that Ajijic is largely an expat community of retirees, we were so fortunate to have five young girls to be my “daughters.” They have lived here since they were babies and are home schooled, making them available to rehearse during the day. They have good voices and learned their lines very quickly (young brains).

We didn’t have three men who were totally age appropriate, but have one Mexican fella who is young, can dance and his accent can easily be confused with a Russian (yippee). The other two are younger men who really nail their roles.

Rehearsing four hours, six days a week is grueling, but since we open on Friday, February 16, it will definitely pay off. The musicals usually get sold out, so two more days are regularly added. This year, due to the enthusiastic interest in seeing the play, four additional days have been added, ending on March 1. And, there will be stand-by theater goers who will come before a performance to see if seats pop up due to illness or other reasons. The theater only has 112 seats, so space is limited.

In January,  we took a week off to go to the beach for a week, right in the middle of rehearsals. Friends rented a place in San Francisco (San Pancho), about a half an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. It has a pleasant beach, but the house was about 5 km away from town, on a windy, dirt road. We arrived to see the palapa accommodations, which are open bedrooms with baths, covered with palm fronds roofs. There were three of them, staggered along the side of a steep hill, plus one that housed the kitchen, dining area and pool. It was great to see our friends. There was no beach, but a lovely view of the ocean and the rocks below. However…

As it turned out I pulled a muscle in my hamstring a couple weeks before and was hobbling around quite a bit. Since the walkway/steps to the various palapas was quite steep, it was torture to get up and down the hill. As we found out, there was no hot water, the toilets didn’t flush very well,  the furniture was more than weather-beaten, the heated pool wasn’t, the pillows were moldy, internet only available in the top palapa (quite a ways away) and the house faced northwest, never getting any sun. So, no bathing suit for the entire week!

On the plus side, we played about 800 games of bridge, cooked good food and drank lots of wine! We also saw several whales frolicking in the Pacific. No dolphins or other fish, but seeing whales was thrilling. Our friends had taken the place for a month, working with the owner and property manager to get the house in order for the rest of their visit.

After we left, the replaced pool heater caught on fire and sometime during the night, the water drained out of the pool. Eventually, many of the issues were fixed, but our friends left early to return to their wonderful home in Ajijic. Chalk it up to a unique experience.

After the show, in March, we are going to the beach again, only this time to Akumal, on the Yucatan just to the south of Playa del Carmen. The condo looks spectacular, on a golf course, near the dive shop, on the beach, with a spa, restaurants, shopping and …  Can’t wait!

I may post again, but get ready for our next big trip to Africa in May!